Bootstrap & Less – compile online

If you’re using Bootstrap for projects, including but not exclusive to WordPress, you may come across issues such as pages not responding correctly on devices such as iPad mini.

In my instance I couldn’t get the navbar to collapse correctly in either landscape or portrait mode.   Nothing I tried worked for my “twentyseventeen” based themed project, despite the fact that all other settings I worked with did obey my directives.

I found the solution was to modify the bootstrap file using LESS to apply settings such as “@grid-float-breakpoint”.

Rather than going into a lot of depth regarding LESS and compiling a compiler to set it up, I went to the Bootstrap official website and used their online compiler which generates the customised version of bootstrap.css & bootstrap.min.css

From here you can apply your modificatios and allow it to generate the new file which you download and transfer to your website.

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