Review of latest free web safe Google fonts

Until recently web designers font choices were limited to a  small group of web safe fonts. These fonts didn’t pixelate or blur when displayed on monitors and worked consistently all the major browsers.  Adventurous web designers resorted to using Flash to use non-web safe fonts or spent a lot of money and development time utilising specialty font services.

Thankfully as internet browsers evolved, support for an incredible array of fonts become available.  Services such as ‘font squirrel’ enabled designers to create convert purchased into web-ready fonts which could be imported to the website and used (with caution) and a bit of coding knowledge.

With over 680 font families to choose from, Google Fonts library has so many fonts there is really no need for the overwhelming majority of web designers to ever purchase another font.  The font library is continously being upgraded, with a keen eye on the latest font trends.

Here is a look a some of the more interesting recent additions.

Maven Pro
This Sans Serif free font improved with geometric shapes. It exudes an image of modernity, stylishness, and elegance. With three ultra light weights, the extensive glyph coverage makes it ideal for most projects.

One of my favourites, its clean lines, style and versatility allow it to work for display and smaller text and includes different weights, making it an ideal family for larger projects.

There’s nothing like a simple script to bring attention to the text and this typeface does that masterfully. Unlike some other script options, Stalemate is highly readable (particularly at bigger sizes) and has a gender-neutral feel, so that you can use it for almost any project.

If you’re working on a project that has multi-language requirements, this family includes a full palette of open source options from a sans serif to condensed to monospaced options that is usable in more than 200 languages. 

League Gothic
This traditional font has all the clean lines that work with today’s flat and material design styles.  When it comes to display options, this typeface is hard to beat. It has nice thick strokes, a tall x-height and highly readable style that works exceptionally well in a variety of uses. 


There are so many free font options available to web designers that there are real dangers of applying the wrong font for your purposes.
Fonts should reflect the documented branding strategy for your small business.
Why are you using it ?
What doe it do for you ?
Call us today and let us advise you on the font select that suits your objective.

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