Create content that will be read

It’s a sad fact, that four out of five people that visit your page will not your entire article.  The most common reasons people don’t complete reading is  “they don’t have time for reading.” “they mainly scan,” or,  “they just read the headline and move on”.

However, as legitimate as these answers are, there are issues that we, the writers are a part of the problem.  Our pages may be too long or they find the bad design to be awful, the subject matter is too complex or badly written or the writing lacks credibility and trust.

So, if people aren’t reading our content – especially on our landing pages they surely have no interest in navigating to other pages on the site.  If people aren’t reading our content or roaming around our websites we will not be able to promote our products and services….. so what was the point.

So, how can we do it differently,
Basic research indicates that providing content that compresses longer form content into smaller articles results in longer reading time.  People are more likely to spend 10 minutes reading 1,000 word articles than they are spending 5 minutes reading a 10,000 word article (regardless of content quality).
So, we need to be mindful and yes, it’s harder to write complex material in less than 1,000 words, but the reality is that that is our challenge.

If you find that it’s not possible to frame your material in such a short article, we suggest breaking the article into mini-blocks.  Present each mini-block with thoughtful meta-paragraphs which if read in isolation could be a complete article, but each of which offers a “read more” option which allows interested readers to explore particular blocks in more detail.  



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