Logo Design

The best logos are both timeless and current but in order to create a great logo — one that’s distinctive, memorable and capable of communicating brand values — it’s important to study design movements, like the ones listed here, and adapt them to fit your business’s unique image and voice.
What are the three most most prominent trends that we can identify when we review some of this year’s  new company logos.

  • Simple Designs
    Logos needs to work well across the board — not only in print, but also on promotional items, a website, mobile devices and social media.  Businesses  are promoting their brands on multiple channels every day.  Simple, minimal design works best because it will display correctly everywhere it’s used.
    One of the reasons businesses have taken the step to create or redesign their logos to fit this “simple and minimalist” trend is social media. Profile images are tiny on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which means that a logo needs to be legible when it’s small.   
    In the past company logos needed to look great. Today clients need logos to work great. 

  • Half & Half
    Half and half is the two-dimensional result of splitting a symmetrical image into two colors or tones. These divided designs offer a bit more depth and visual interest to a classic flat design, and may be used symbolically to hint at a company’s dual function or mission.

  • Optimized negative space
    This technique, used by both Pinterest and Instagram, can provide a memorable way of calling attention to a company’s attributes. Sometimes it’s utilised to incorporate slightly hidden meanings or symbolism. A recent Lifebuzz.com article discusses how the Toyota logo includes three ellipses that represent the heart of the customer, the heart of the product and the heart of the technology progress, while the latest Pepsi emblem featuring a white swoosh in the middle supposedly draws on FengShui, the Renaissance, the theory of relativity and other themes.

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