Logo Design Brisbane

As an establish graphic design studio Blue Lily Studios have developed logos for many clients, large and small.  For creative people who are passionate about company and product branding and not just logo design Brisbane offers
us a rich mix of customers and an extraordinary array of challenges.
Designing a logo should be always be considered as one aspect of a brand strategy, albeit a very important aspect.  Without being considered a part of a larger branding strategy, a logo can become no more than a pretty picture on a business card or website.

Whether designing a new or replacing an existing logo for your business, the first step is to meet face to face.  This is the exploratory phase, where we get to know as much as we an about you, your company, your product and services and what you ultimately want to achieve.
During this exploratory will try to find out what design elements you like and dislike, are their colours you prefer, what logos have you seen that inspire you.  The objective is to define a visual platform to begin work from.
Often the designers will listen intently to your brief to find adjectives that come up and then create a word map with links between each to see if we can find concepts to inspire the design process.

Based on your brief our designers will go away and sketch up a number of possibilities, something in freehand form, often directly onto their computers. After the initial designs are completed, our team of designers share their designs in a round table discussion.  Each design is critically reviewed so we can establish what works and what doesn’t.

At our next meeting we present you with our preferred  3 to 5 logo designs. One set will be in black and white so you can get an intuitive feel for each logo. We also provide coloured versions of each based on the colour options we established during the initial meeting.  
Once reviewed, we’ll go back to the drawing board to tailor the designs to your feedback.  In rare instances we might have to revisit the brief, however this will only happen if we entire missed interpreted the brief.  This entire process is collaborative.  You have the opportunity to direct the creative group, however we are confident that if we understand your business, your brand we will deliver you a suite of options that you will feel proud to represent your company, brand and products.

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