Questions to consider before building your website.

1) What do you want to the website to do for you?
Other than getting new customers what else do you want your website to do for you?

Do you want to save time and make it easier for customers to access information?  As such, should you include FAQ and downloadable resources.  It is to capture email accounts so you can market to them, as such do you need to integrate with Mailchimp or other email newsletter services.

Without actually knowing what you want your website to do for you, how can a developer offer a solution?  
Should you expect to be asked these questions.  I think so.

2) Should the web designer spend time learning about your business?Designing a website requires a lot of time upfront getting to know your business.  Getting to understand your target customers, their buying patterns, your competition, how you are different and/or better than your competition, and hence understanding your essential. 


3) How good is the web designer’s communication?
When choosing a web designer, you need to have a rapport.  You have to feel comfortable with them, feel like you can be critical and that they are committed to achieving your goals.   There are a lot of good designers around who simply can’t take criticism or are uncomfortable talking to business owners one on one.

4) Is the web developer able to generate traffic to the website.
It goes without saying that you need traffic to your website and get results online, so it is essential that you make sure the web designer you use has the SEO skills needed to draw traffic and convert that traffic to


5) Does the web designer know how to build a responsive website?
Google is penalises websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. So making sure your web designer creates your website with responsive design is absolutely necessary.

10) How much should it cost?
Price shouldn’t be the main determining factor when looking for a web designer. You can expect to pay for what you get. Good web design takes time, and that’s what you pay for – their time.  Cheap websites are cheap for a reason.  They look ok, but have not been designed for your purpose.  The cost increases significantly when you think of the opportunity cost.  You only paid $500 for your website, but it gets no enquiries, so it’s actually costing you thousands of dollars every month.




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