Redesigning logos the right way

Examples of corporate logos that were redesigned in the last year

These companies take branding extremely seriously.  The understand the importance of perception of their brand and individual product.  It takes a lot of effort to successfully develop a brand and there are many reasons my companies might decide to change their logo.  However, just for something to do is definitely not one of them.

Here are a three reasons to change an established logo.

  • The company’s reputation and image has been damaged.
    The most immediate example that comes to mind is BP after the oil spill, but there are tonnes of examples.
  • The company has moved into a new market space.
    The phone company Nokia has transitioned many times, from paper milling to rubber plantations, the logo has evolved accordingly.
  • It’s hard to reproduce it
    Apples original logo was a rainbow coloured symbol, but the company found it hard to reproduce on various surfaces, so the single colour version was adopted.

Examples of changes this year

Guinness – the nectar of the Gods
You can bet the designers had to reign themselves back on this a few times.  The challenge here might have been creating something new and staying true to the established look. But by moving away from the trend of flat designs they’ve created a contemporary logo that reflects the brand’s history.

Blue Lily Studios – Branding logos – Guinness

Gumtree – who hasn’t used it once ?
The logo re-brand was part of a website overhaul.   The core principals for the designers to consider were: modern, simple and digital. 
The new logo clearly meets it’s objective of being a clear, simple brand image that cultivates an online community.

Blue Lily Studios – Branding logos – Gumtree
Blue Lily Studios – Branding logos – Kodak

If ever a company had a need to re-brand themselves it’s Kodak.  On the heels of a previously not too successful attempt at re-branding, we thing this one nails it.
It maintains the red and yellow colour scheme, but adds a new typeface and layout.  The intention is to represent the perforations on the edges of old film stock.  –  Hats off to the designer.


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