Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines such as Google are used by customers every day as they search for your product or service.

Websites need to be carefully constructed and optimised effectively to ensure they are discovered and ranked as highly as possible by search engines.

Obviously the higher your site sits within Google the more attention you would expect from customers. Industry figures tell us that after any search, the top organic position of Google can result in 40% of people clicking through on your link.
Position 10 (the last on page one) can expect 4% click through ratings. Adding to that, research has repeatedly shown that people would rather type in another search term altogether before visiting the second page for any search result.

What we do

– Develop a site specifically engineered to support Google indexing
– Perform an audit to identify issues that may be causing search engines to bypass your current site
– Design and implement the most effective keyword strategies to drive traffic to your site
– Manipulate your site content to support Google indexing while still effectively communicating to your customer
– Constantly monitor Google updates to ensure your good ranking is secure
– Monthly progress reports with tangible results so you can see when your investment pays off.

Our Work