Domain Name Registration

Choosing the correct domain name is important to your online business.    The right name depends on many business factors, but ideally it should be closely related to your business or product, easy to remember and simple to type.

We can tell you if your preferred domain name already taken and what your alternatives might be. We can also research to tell you if your preferred domain name is closely associated with a competitor or undesirable website.

Importantly, we can tell you if your preferred domain name is currently Trademarked in Australia

The right extension such as .com or can make a big difference to how your website performs in regional search engines.  For example, in Australia, ranking preference is given to domains with extensions.

All of this can be managed by Blue Lily as well as the set up, transfer and renewal domain names. We offer competitive pricing and can instantly advise on the availability of your desired web address. Most importantly we will manage the renewal of your domain name so it never expires ensuring that your website and emails are always up and running.

Before you purchase your next domain name, talk to Blue Lily about your options.

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