Small business branding or Product branding ?

As a very quick definition, small business branding is process of marketing various products or services under the name of a company.  The objective to create an experience or expectation that the client comes to associate with your business name and products.

On the other hand product branding is the companies marketing strategy for promoting  individual products without the company’s name being immediately associated with the product in it’s advertising campaigns or even on the product labeling.
An example might be an established company own supplier a lower quality product that is suited to a particular market segment and separate to the quality products desired by their high end niche market.

Small Company Branding
We specialise in helping brand campaigns for small businesses.  We talk to the owners, to their customers, their suppliers, we even talk to competitors.  Our goal is to understand the market space.  We want to understand what influences the customers to buy, to share positive stories and to come back and buy again.
We develop an entire network of marketing collateral with a common purpose.  That purpose is to associate our clients products and services with the most memorable positive experience possible.
We guide clients in setting up the a communication style that will carry through on everything that a client touches, such as website, social media platforms, product brochures & packaging, display signage, stationary, social media platforms.  Our objective is to create a consistent positive impression every time a client considers our products.

Product Branding
An example of product branding that will be familiar with is Lexus.  Lexus are the top end vehicles manufactured by Toyota.  The Toyota name is not mentioned in any marketing material for Lexus.  The Lexus range of cars have their own logo, websites, marketing materials and a very different marketing strategy.

However, one interesting aspect of this product branding is that it is common knowledge that people are well aware that the Lexus brand is very much associated with Toyota.  One might speculate that this has encouraged Toyota customers to perceive the higher end Toyota range with the quality and styling of the Lexus range.

There can be more than one way to appreciate any marketing stratgey.

What is the point ?
Why bother with individual product branding, it my small business branding is so strong that the product could leverage off the business name.
One advantage is that having a suite of individual products allows you to test the market without damaging the small business brand.
You can introduce an entire range of products, each with individual branding and let the market inform you which they like and in turn what they are prepared to pay for.
Discovering hidden gems through product marketing allows small businesses to identify the most successful products from the range which they may decide to incorporate under the small business brand in the future.

Can we help
Yes we can.  Rather than rebuilding the wheel for each new product, we can develop product brand templates for your company.
Using a successful circular strategy we can quickly develop libraries of templates that will allow you to successfully take new products to market at a much lower cost than creating new concepts everytime.

Please call us today.

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