WordPress – Tinymce extra plugins

The text editor for WordPress is based on the open source text editor, TinyMCE.

This is quite adequate for basic projects, allowing you to select for a reasonable variety of fonts and colours and offering you a great deal of formatting errors.

However there are limitations for those more design focused CMS users.  But, all is not lost.  Within the plugin library there are three very useful associated plugins that significantly enhance the functionality of the editor.

TinyMCE Advanced.
This wonderful plugin will add a very impressive array of additional routines to the standard editor.  Once installed and activated you’ll find a range  of new tool buttons on the editor menu as well as a host of additional routines/buttons that you can add as required to make the most of the editor.

One particularly useful feature in TinyMCE Advanced is an option that prevents the editor from stripping out HTML tags such as <P> & </br>.   For anyone who has experienced the frustration of the characteristic of TinyMCE this is a great find.

TinyMCE Custom Styles
The standard range of selectable fonts is impressive, but designers are never happy with standard.  So, if you are using custom or google fonts, how can you allow users in the CMS area the luxury of using these fonts to modify text content.

Well TinyMCE Custom Styles is the answer.  It allows you to work with every style imaginable and all make the styles available from the “format” button on the TinyMCE Advanced menu.

Of course we’re assuming that you have made the font available to be used in the first place.  If not, you need to read about loading custom fonts.

You can create unlimited styles from the “Settings > TinyMCE Custom Styles” menu.
Once you’ve added them, you can access them from the editors button bar, selecting the Formats > Custom Formats option.

TinyMCE Color Picker
So, the colours that come with the TinyMCEs colour picker is limited.  Activate the TinyMCE Color Picker plugin.
Next time you go to use the editors colour picker you’ll find an option to add your own custom colours.

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